We are Passionate about: Our Product, Our Performance, Our Reputation

Welcome to Cloudburst

Cloudburst is a company built on a foundation of passion, knowledge and expertise, where the culmination of years of experience in the telecommunication industry has resulted in a successful and well-rounded product range and supplier profile.


Strong partnerships start with people, from a talented and ambitious management team to a collaborative and diverse group of investors. We continually look for ways to help our portfolio companies, no matter where the opportunity resides.


Skill and efficiency in completing transactions, implementing new initiatives and delivering on commitments sets the tone for a successful partnership.


Our role is to support and to provide advice to help navigate different business situations and economic climates. We accept accountability for our actions and decisions, both individually and as a firm.


Reputation is paramount, which is why our team is built on a foundation of integrity, respect and transparency. We believe people want to work with those they trust and every day we work hard to maintain the trust of our partners.